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1 - I love being a Mom and Grandma and now I'm going to be a great Grandma soon.
2 - My favorite colors are green, yellow, orange of the 70"s.
3 - Bowling is my favorite sport to do at this time of my life.
4 - Going garage sailing every Friday and Saturday morning makes me feel great. (My time)
4 - I look forward to the 160 mile garage sale in August from Fort Smith, AR to Beebe AR. So much fun.
5 - I am a cancer survivor (two years now)
6 - I love to sew. I make apron and sell them on
7 - House work isn't my favirote thing to do.
8 - I collect Christmas tree pins ( I have about 170 now), Marbles have lots of them too and Precious Moments.
9 - I like working in my flowers.
10 - I always wanted to take a vacation where you go and watercolor painting for a week.
11 - I like working my Flea Market booth in Tontitown, AR. Tontitown Flea Market and Antique Mall #18.
12 - I have 3 grils and 3 boys and 8 grandchildren and soon 1 great grandchild.
13 - I was born in Boulder City, Nevada in 1932.
14 - Lived in Southern California for most of my life tell we moved to Fayetteville, AR in 1975.
15 - It's hard to get California out of you when you have lived there so long.
16 - I really miss doing things with my family. Garage Sailing with my Grandchildren for one thing.
17 - Its hard when most of your family live so far away.
18 - Our family alluim is great.
19 - Sorry no pets for me, Been there and had to many.
20 - I love Chocolate, Especially SEE's
21 - I like finding antiques for family and friends.
22 - On our 50th aniversity our friends picked us up in a big white limousine and took us to eat. It was neat.
23 - I bowl with my husband every Friday night. It's fun.
24 - My worst habit is I'm a clutter
25 - My goal is to still have my own antique and gift shop, even at 76.

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